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Since 1993, high-tech organizations around the world have turned to Corbley Communications Inc. (CCI) to assess, plan and implement their strategic communications programs. CCI provides public relations, marketing communications and advertising services designed to reach target markets and influence decision makers in key audiences. CCI has implemented comprehensive communications programs and carried out individual campaign elements on behalf of corporations, government agencies, academic institutions and professional associations around the world. CCI clients are leaders in Geospatial, Public Safety, Defense/Intelligence, Aerospace, Energy, Environment and other high-tech disciplines.

Kevin P. Corbley is the founder and owner of Corbley Communications. He brings a unique combination of professional communications experience, scientific understanding, and business knowledge to every client account. Mr. Corbley graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Earth Science. He spent four years as a Journalist in Washington, D.C., covering the energy and aerospace industries before joining the Public Affairs Office at EOSAT, a geospatial firm in Lanham, Md. In several positions at EOSAT, Mr. Corbley managed strategic communications activities that supported corporate sales and marketing efforts and targeted a worldwide commercial client base, the U.S. Congress and government agencies. He established Corbley Communications in Denver in 1993.

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